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People are Security


People make the difference. Do your employees and volunteers have the skills and knowledge they need to protect your organisation?


Processes are how your organisation gets things done. Do yours comply with the law and best practice? And would you be able to prove it?


Organisations are becoming digital. Is the data you need for your operations protected? Will your systems be there when you really need them?

Protect and Empower

People are Security

Working for positive social change

Secure Active’s mission is to empower non-profit organisations to secure their information. We are a non-profit, Community Interest Company and co-operative based in London.


Dogs make great companions, no matter your age or where you live, there is a dog for everyone. Our coop has sponsored Terrier Cross Bubba at the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust. If you would like to sponsor Bubba or any of his friends follow this link.

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Jargon Free

We provide independent, non-profit information security expertise. We enable our customers to assess their risks, develop their plans and protect their vital data and systems.

Secure Active C.I.C.

Information security services for the non-profit sector by the sector.    

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Secure Active C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (no. 10746897) at 62 Beechwood Road, London. E8 3DY