Part Time Volunteer Fundraiser

Who are we:

A startup non-profit working to support other non-profits (such as NGOs) in protecting their information against nefarious adversaries. The information security sector is growing fast and is under resourced, so nonprofit organisations are falling behind the curve with protecting themselves. From protecting the identities of whistleblowers to maintaining the confidentiality of donors, protecting information is necessary for all nonprofits. We are a workers cooperative, meaning we are worker owned and managed. We are also a non-hierarchical organisation.

The role:

This role will include writing funding applications, meeting funders, devising fundraising strategy. We are a small organisation so you will be expected to participate in other areas of our work as well from time to time.


Who are you:

  • You are passionate about positive social change.

  • You are looking for a first step in in the nonprofit sector.

  • Have experience of organising non-hierarchically or are open to it.

  • You can dedicate 10 hours a week (8 hour working day + 2 hours for weekly meeting).

  • You have fundraising experience and actively participate in RAG.

  • Enjoy teamwork but are happy to work independently.



  • A unique opportunity to get a foot into the door of a self managed nonprofit.

  • A great opportunity to build your CV and gain a valuable reference.

  • Work from home (or anywhere) 10 hours a week (8 hours work + 2 hours meetings).

  • Potential to become a paid employee.

  • Experience of participating in a non-profit startup.

  • Gain professional fundraising experience.

  • Exciting and worthy area of work.

  • No bosses!


To apply please send your CV to but we’re more interested in finding out about you as a person in a cover letter.

We are serious about equal opportunities. If you have a disability, are LGBTQ+, are from a working class or BAME background, we welcome your application.

Secure Active C.I.C.

Information security services for the non-profit sector by the sector.    

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Secure Active C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (no. 10746897) at 62 Beechwood Road, London. E8 3DY