Security Focussed Devices


Security Focussed Devices


What sensitive data do you have on your computer?

What would be the consequences if that information was compromised?

Standard corporate computers are often selected not for their security but for the ease of which large numbers of them can be managed. For those of us that have security as a higher priority, standard issue computers from your organisation or high street are often not resilient against even low level hackers.

Secure Active CIC provides a bespoke, secure laptop service. We design and build devices for our clients’ particular security, usability and functionality needs.

We know that not everyone is a level 15 Linux wizard! We understand the compromise between security and usability, and finely tune devices to meet our clients’ specific needs balanced with their computing background.

We have a range of hardware options available depending on your requirements and budget.

As part of our service we include a 2 hour induction and a further 2 hours support sold with each device, plus a 12 month warranty on our hardware.

Given the high levels of security offered by these devices, we will not provide these secure laptops for criminals or for those that will use these devices for unethical purposes. We will require evidence that your work is for positive social change.


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