Secure Active’s training ensures your staff, at all levels, are empowered to protect your organisation. Good training results in better compliance with your vital policies.

Facilitation & Governance

Secure Active will work with your managers to help your organisation develop policies and strategy.

Compliance Health Check

Secure Active can check your compliance with established best-practice standards.

Virtual Information Security Officer

Secure Active provides a tailored on-call service where you have expertise to hand when needed.

Counter Surveillance

Secure Active has unique and valuable experience in high risk, counter surveillance work. We will guide and support your staff to protect your high value assets against severe threats.

Open Source Intelligence

Journalists, human rights organisations and campaigners often rely on information gleaned from overt sources such as the web. Secure Active will train your workers and volunteers in how to find and verify that precious needle in a vast haystack of information. Contact us for more information.

Security Focused Devices

Secure Active CIC provides a bespoke, secure laptop service. We design and build devices for our clients’ particular security, usability and functionality needs.

Why Choose Us?

Secure Active are experienced, qualified, ethical and unbiased.


Secure Active C.I.C.

Information security services for the non-profit sector by the sector.    

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